Galaxy Advanced Engineering, Inc. Resume

Galaxy Advanced Engineering, Inc. is one of the leading System Integrators and Customized Software Developers in Northern California. GAE was founded in 1984 with a goal of providing a service, which would relate the information requirements of computer system users to the state-of-the-art in hardware and software technology. We make technology serve the users today.

In recent years, a host of factors have made the process of bringing users and technology together even more complicated and demanding. As computers have continued to become less expensive and more accessible, users have become more sophisticated in their requirements and their applications more varied. In this context the user is turning more and more to system integrators who not only develop software systems but also assemble software and hardware products from various manufacturers in order to create customized solutions for their needs.

Engineers primarily use mainframe computers for sophisticated and more complex mathematical and physical modeling and analysis. The cost, per engineer, of performing this analysis is very high. GAE introduces the same large problem capabilities on PCs and workstations at a fraction of the cost.

Galaxy Advanced Engineering, Inc. consists of more than talented computer programmers and experts in the latest hardware and software technologies. We have specialists in general management, organizational analysis, project management, user training, and engineering. Our service extends beyond those merely required to create working computer programs. You can get more detail about GAE by clicking here Galaxy Advanced Engineering, Inc. Orientation and its Charter's . This page will give you inside information about us.

Our software products are the result of the pioneering development work conducted by these talented computer programmers and experts over the past 6 years. They represent a personal commitment by these authors to the field of computer applications for structural and earthquake engineering, heat transfer and thermodynamics, finite elements and radiation hardening issues.

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